Monday, April 5, 2010

Added Show 7pm Sunday, April 11th


Due to overwhelming popular demand, we are adding an evening show this Sunday, April 11th at 7pm. Our actors and crew have been working their collective tailbones off, going far above and beyond the call of duty to get this play up and keep it up through sold-out houses, understudy rehearsals, put-in rehearsals, and the Miles has been kind enough to open up early and stay open late to accommodate our production, and we figure the best way to pay them back is to...add another show!

Seriously, besides giving our audience one more chance to see our play (we close on April 18th and we CAN NOT extend), we have added this show as a benefit for the actors and our crew. A portion is going towards the extra rental and staffing for the Miles, and all the rest of it is going to our actors and our crew. Come out and support your local theater and your local artists. If you’ve already seen the play, come see it again – there’s a chance you’ll see a different cast than you already saw since I think we’ve had slight variations in the cast for every performance so far! If you’ve already seen the play and you can’t make it on Sunday, April 11th, please tell your friends, some of whom haven’t been able to make it to our sold-out performances. And if you HAVEN’T seen it at all...we are getting close to selling out the rest of the run, so this might be your last chance at tickets.

This is a beautiful production with a wonderful cast and an amazing group of people, onstage and off, and this is our chance to thank them all.

Hope to see you at the Miles Memorial Playhouse at 7pm Sunday, April 11th!